for Privately Financed International Students

Program Outline

Aiming to support international students, the University offers Tuition Exemption and Reduction Program. Eligible students are privately financed international students with outstanding academic results and also those students who have suffered from earthquake or other natural disasters while staying in Japan.
The program also offers an installment payment to international students who have difficulties to make the full payment of tuition at one time. Tuition for each semester can be paid in three installments. Degree students in the undergraduate and postgraduate courses are eligible for the full/half exemption. Eligible students must apply for each semester, and their applications are reviewed each time.

Application periods

Applicants must apply for the exemption and the installment payment, twice a year, for each semester within the designated period.

Application forms

You can obtain the application forms at this website or at the Student Affairs Office, Student Support Center. (Bldg.No1). The application forms for the first semester will be distributed in early February, and in late July for the second semester.

Screening results

The screening results will be sent to the designated person responsible for the payment (applicant or guarantor) in June for the first semester, and in November for the second semester.